The organization being recognized here today is one that should value themselves greatly in their efforts to support the dreams and aspirations of others. Being the winning contestant of the scholarship, I am proud to recognize and thank you. A blessing within itself, God has blessed me with a family that gave me a gift that will enhance my learning experience and guide me closer to the road of success. While already on route to my career path, the funding of your organization will release a burden that most college students have to deal with. In my eyes I’m not the only individual being blessed with a gift, your foundation within itself will prosper and within the household of your own. Your organization is the first step to success. If you can truly visualize the impact your scholarship makes on an individual, you will see the hope that your son Jacob aspired to is resonating in all the individuals that are recipients of his scholarship. In my journey, your son’s future dreams will resonate in my journey to success. I will carry the drive and motivation he had as a young individual to become who he always wanted to be. Jacob will remain in my heart and be the parter that he wish to have had in his career. Once again, thank you for choosing me as the recipient of your scholarship.
— 2016 Scholarship Winner
I’m currently a senior at Golden Valley High School and I am emailing you guys to really thank you for the scholarship that I received yesterday. I wanted to let you guys know that I am really thankful since this came though in the best moment, because just a couple of days ago I was doubting if I was going to be able to attend college, since my financial situation was not the best, and with this surprise everything will be so much easier, and I would be really glad to help you guys back in a certain point of my life because I know there’s a lot of students like me out there that would love to keep getting a better education but their financial situation kinda stops them, and that was my case. So anyways I just wanted to thank you guys for what you do for the students in Santa Clarita.
— 2016 Scholarship Winner
I wanted to thank you for the incredible impact you have made on my life as a Jacob Zamora Scholarship recipient. I am beyond honored to have received this scholarship and I am inspired by your family’s strength. This has been such a blessing to my life.
— Past Scholarship Winner

2017 Scholarship Winners

Academy of the Canyons

Hannah Scott

Golden Valley High School

Zoe Shaw
Aurora Arroyave

Hart High School

Immanuel Wideman

Saugus High School

Natalie Slater 

Nina Di Sabato

Brandon Tuttle

Jered LaGiusa-Riedeman

Valencia High School

Jordan Anderson
Kylie Klemens

2016 Scholarship Winners

Canyon High School
Jason Diaz
Golden Valley High School
Aaron Mora
                                      Randal Rodriquez                                   Hart High School
Patrick Hagerty
Saugus School
Alexandra Ryan
                                     Ashley Halverson                                      Valencia High School
Aaron Tapia

2015 Scholarship Winners

Canyon High School
Moriah Levy
Golden Valley High School
Diego Rivera
Saugus School
Samantha Grate
Jayme Morgenstern
West Ranch High School
Alex Cabrera
Elisa Franco
Kathryn Roen

2014 Scholarship Winners

Canyon High School
Regan Chambers
Brianna Rose
Madeline Rossiter
Golden Valley High School
Damariz Perez
Elizabeth Sambrano
Saugus High School
Marshall Styers
Valencia High School
Sophie Fiscella
West Ranch High School
Jessica Castillo-Chow

2013 Scholarship Winners

Canyon High School
Melanie Bernal
Andrew Ponce
Chelsea Tindell






2018 Scholarship Winners


Valencia High School

Kiya Marie Baker

 Jaymee Lauren Hekkers

 Kaley Lopez

Saugus High School

Breanna Rose Hallock

Sol Armendariz Lopez

Canyon High School

Francisco Giovanni Simplicio

West Ranch High School

Vincent Jordan Rojas

Hart High School

 Denali O'Neill Lyons


Not everyone is a stellar student, and like many, Jake found school challenging. Once he reached high school, Jake was fortunate to discover a few compassionate, amazing teachers, who sparked his innate desire for knowledge, and nurtured a determination to take advantage of what education had to offer.

Our scholarships are designed for high school seniors, exclusively in the Santa Clarita Valley, with a grade point average between 2.5 and 3.4. If you are committed to furthering your education, we welcome you to fill out a scholarship application by clicking on the link above.

Applications must be received by the second Monday in March.